Workplace Words of Wisdom

Workplace Words of Wisdom

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“Positive Vibes Only”, “Today is a Good Day for a Good Day”, “Choose Kindness” Any of these inspirational quotes sound familiar? You used to only see quotes like these on posters in the workplace but now as you scroll through the vast world of social media they are everywhere. It’s only a matter of time before all the office posters are replaced with large flat screens rotating through a series of quotes, tips, and inspirational messages of the day. Perhaps, some have already made the move.


These motivational messages suggest good habits and basic civility. However, the fact that someone feels we need to be presented with this information is another matter entirely. Do we really need to read a quote in the lunchroom that says ‘Choose Kindness’ to treat each other nicely? It seems a bit absurd that as a society we need these continual reminders to be nice to your neighbor, do the right thing, and do it with a smile. Nonetheless, these reassuring quotes are not only seen on workplace walls, scrolling through social media, but they are printed on anything from t-shirts to coffee mugs. As if we needed more of a reminder for ‘good vibes only’ or ‘Be Happy’ while drinking coffee at our desk on a Monday morning. But maybe we do?


Ultimately, we are left with this question, are we desensitized to all these motivating quotes? Seeing a poster at work every day with the message ‘Today is a Good Day for a Good Day’, does that make you want to have a good day? Does it motivate you to be inspired and work harder? Or do you roll your eyes? Maybe it has no effect on you at all?


Ideas and suggestions for positive improvements in the workplace are nothing new. But is there any true value in these inspirational quotes that we are constantly inundated with?

While I am a bit cynical about inspirational messages, I do appreciate the intent. And, I truly enjoy the sentiment. I do however, question to value. If the intention is to affect human behavior or culture, a few posters, or books is not likely to make an impact. What are your thoughts on inspirational quotes?

I was trying to resist using an inspirational quote…. but I will leave you with one of my favorites:

“Be the change you want to see in the world.” -Mahatma Gandhi