Team Collaboration is Key

Team Collaboration is Key

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Do you ever have questions about what your employees are working on? Are you constantly asking for updates on a project? Does it seem like your staff doesn’t always communicate with each other? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you may need to think about implementing a daily Scrum meeting to your routine.


Scrum meetings give you and your staff the opportunity to say what you did yesterday, what are you doing today and is there anything that can impede on that work being done. If there are topics that need further conversation, it is suggested to have those conversations later outside of Scrum.


Traditionally a Scrum meeting should be no more than 15-30 minutes toward the beginning of the workday and have all of your staff in one place. If you have staff that work remotely, a video conference is a great option to achieve this team approach. Promoting a healthy environment with a daily Scrum keeps your team in the loop but also helps them focus on gathering and communicating information with each other.