“You Need to Understand What Is Being Said”

Communication is important in business as it is in your personal life. Rather… communication that can be understood, comprehended and then acted upon accordingly. Let me give you a real-life example:

My wife and I had some friends over and we planned a surprise birthday party for one of the invites; and totally caught them off guard. The next week we received this “eloquent” Thank You card in the mail:

Dear Ron,

You guys got me good! Now, I will wonder every time I am invited over to your place, what you have up your sleeve. I was a trifle abashed, and suffering from condescension, when I realized you were referring to me. It must have been a diuturnity to effectuate what you guys did. I am beholden to you for taking the pendency and palestric effort you expended to do something like this for me. I don’t feel that I deserve to be the benefactor of this kind of ostentatious attention or blandish repute. Both of you are special consanguins and I treasure our sodality greatly. In case you were wondering, this is not my typical epithet; just an alternative way of communicating efficaciously. Anyway, I hope this ephemeral epigram has not caused you any unneeded dyspepsia in attempting to comprehend its purport.

Thanks again; your consanguine.


As hard as that is to understand and decipher the true meaning and intent of what was communicated; that’s exactly what some businesses are doing to their workforce by continuing to utilize a plethora of paper forms that ‘travel’ around the production floor from work station to work station, and then into the office for subsequent data entry. It could also be a production supervisor or quality manager jotting down additional part-processing instructions for the 3rd shift crew to complete when they come in. The ability to understand what was jotted down quickly and sloppily is directly proportionate to that person’s ability to write legibly while in a hurry and under the pressures of real-time business/production processing.

This also goes for NDT lab results or quality inspection and testing results. Many times, the person responsible for entering this data into whatever system you are using has to ‘guess’ at what they think was jotted down; or waste a tremendous amount of time going back to that individual for clarification before they can complete their task of getting the right data into the system.

We have worked with many companies to streamline their paper-reliant processes and digitize as much real-time data entry as possible to reduce errors and improve overall quality within their production operations. And, since much of the data is collected on the shop floor in real-time, it becomes immediately available to managers, supervisors, customer service staff and office personnel, providing for huge time savings in normal day-to-day processing. I’d love to show you some examples and send you some demo videos on this topic!

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