Why is Web-Based Software a Smart Choice?

Bluestreak|Bright AM is browser- based application. Web-based or browser- based by definition means they run on web browser via the Internet without accessing the operating system of any individual computer. These applications are accessed through web pages and by using current browsers such as google chrome, Microsoft Edge, Firefox & Safari.

Benefits of using a web – based application like Bluestreak|Bright AM are:

· There’s nothing to install, ever. Require absolutely no customer installation or maintenance.

· There are no customer hardware requirements beyond that of a modern web browser.

· Accessible for a range of devices. Bluestreak|Bright AM can be ran from your desktop, laptop, tablet, ipad or even your smart phone!

· Access your site from anywhere at any time. You can work from home, work, or on the road.

· Everyone you trust has access to the data. There is no worrying about who has the latest information, since it is in one centralized database- everyone has it.

· You’ll never have to ask, “Is it compatible?” As long as you have access to a current web browser, you are good to go!

· Easily customizable interfaces based on your company’s needs.

· By using Bluestreak|Bright AM in the cloud, you will always have the latest version of the software. Which in our case is an update every month!

In conclusion, browser-based applications such as Bluestreak|Bright AM are more useful for your users, easier to install, maintain & keep secure and easier to grow as you grow!