Where Should You Store Your Data? In-House Servers vs. Cloud

Some have said that choosing how to run your data center is like choosing between buying and leasing a car: each has specific advantages and risks. What works for you now, might not fit your needs tomorrow. Here at Throughput| Bluestreak| Bright-AM we grant you the option of choosing which works better for you and your company.

So, what is the best fit for your company regarding data storage? Each option comes with a list of pros and cons alike. To determine what is better for your company, consider these variety of factors:



· Maintenance & upgrades- The cloud allows you to easily and quickly add more storage, more memory, and more computing power.

· Technical Issue- If there is a technical issue on your site, your data will be safe on the cloud.

· Easy adjustment of storage space- The data is also stored remotely and never stored on your computer, meaning it is not occupying space unnecessarily.

· Data stored remotely- Additionally , having your data stored remotely makes it easy to backup all devices, no matter their locations.

· Accessible wherever there is internet access- Storing data or running applications from the cloud makes it easy for employees to connect and work from anywhere without the complexities of VPNs.


· Service Outages- Every service provider has them, so when they are down so is your access to applications and data.

· Limited by Internet speeds & strength- Moving large files back & forth over the internet can be more time consuming. Furthermore, the strength of your internet connect will affect how quickly the application runs.

· Transferring data out of the cloud- You will also need to check how easy it would be to transfer the data elsewhere should you stop using the cloud.

In-House Server


· Total System Setup Control- For some, the idea of giving up physical control of a server is not an option. Some environments demand immediate access to the physical server and hosting it in-house is the best option for them.

· High Performance- Up/download data speeds can be more efficient in house.

· Security- The control also extends to your backups, and everything else to do with the data since you own the server completely. It may also feel more secure to have a local server, onsite, since only you and your team can physically, and of course digitally, access it.


· Installation of expensive hardware- This up-front investment could be substantial for some companies and cause a huge hit to your budget.

· Space Considerations- Servers take up space, require a lot of power and generate heat.

· Willingness for maintenance- Sometimes the hardware can be costly and if problems arise, you will need to do the troubleshooting. That being said, having a knowledgeable IT person on staff would be highly recommended.

Whether you go with a solution with a cloud provider or build out your own in-house data center, there are a lot of variables to consider. Whatever your decision is concerning your data storage, we are here to help make your transfer to Bluestreak| Bright AM as smooth as possible.