Web, Social, & Mobile Marketing Tips: Ensure Messaging Fatigue Doesn’t Set in

Most users tend to stay logged in on social media and websites across multiple platforms, with push alerts enabled to receive real-time updates. Messaging fatigue happens when the same update is posted across channels, at the same time. As you structure your mobile marketing game plan (which will be distinct from desktop), ensure you have tailored the message to a specific platform, ensuring the most suitable tone for each — LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram or Facebook. Begin by choosing the platforms that offer the highest engagement and ROI for your brand.

Ask yourself three questions — What’s working best on the desktop version? Is your mobile presence optimized as per user behavior? Are you regularly monitoring analytics to identify what’s performing best on each channel, at what time and on which day? Remember, the content, the device and the audience cannot be approached in a one-size-fits all model – successful engagement is all about effectively customizing your intended ‘story’.

Taken from: Essential Web, Social, and Mobile Marketing Tips for 2019

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