The Weather Is Changing … What Else Needs To Change?

Spring has sprung; winter is mum; summer will come; what have you done????? improve your business production processing MES/QMS software. 

I have talked to SO many middle- and upper-management personnel over the years that have admitted with their own tongues, that their company has clung and hung, hamstrung and highstrung (many times overstrung), clinging on to their antiquated software, “just because that’s the way we done it when we were young”.  

They know there are better ways to collect useful data and improve production operations efficiencies, but all too often, it’s just one or two people among the staff on various corporate ladder rungs that have stung the forward progress and growth of the business because they don’t want to listen to the advice of some unsung members of the production workforce (the ones that are actually doing the work that generates the majority of the business revenue; the ones on the front line that can see first-hand where the bottlenecks are)

Many times, the business improvement ideas of the bright young employee minds, as the suggestion bat was swung, and they got their cup of coffee from the Bunn, have been flung to the dung pile beside the suggestion box.  Not fun for lower level staff members when none of their ideas are run up the ladder and spun in a way that the business can say that it has won; when their supervisor considered it a pun and stuck to their proverbial guns. Some have told me that they believe there are egos involved, afraid of being outdone by anyone under them.  NO, that can’t be true! 

WELL… enough of the paronomasia, amphibology, witticism, calembour, innuendo, equivoque and carriwitchet jocularity.

The term change management refers to the overall management of the planning and introduction of newer methods, techniques and processes within an organization.  Or, put differently, it is an approach to transitioning individuals, workforce teams and organizations to a desired future business state. 

CHANGE IS INEVITABLE. But with it, many other things come into play, such as… acknowledgement, arrangement, co-management, crisi-management, discouragement, disengagement, encouragement, engagement, enlargement, impingement, judgment, micro-management, middle-management, mismanagement, prejudgment, rearrangement, etc.  

And, because of this, many organizations are stuck in a rut (into a familiar routine; dead in the water; stagnant; deadlocked; at a stalemate; at an impasse; in a funk) due to paralysis of analysis (the total inability to reach a decision; even though everyone knows that for the business to survive, a new software decision must be made). 

In a business or corporate setting, this analysis paralysis is usually a condition caused by nit picking managers and owners.  The primary source is management/owner requests for better information, reports, studies, statistics, evaluations, opinions and research.  All of this requested research and study is accompanied by endless (and mindless) discussions in multiple meetings over a long period of time. The end result is no decision is made because the efforts placed to garner information and hold endless meetings/discussions are mistakenly viewed as progress.  If no decision is ever made to resolve the glaring issues, then how can that be seen as progress? 

It’s really just a waste of everyone’s time, if the stakeholders and decision makers are not willing to resolve the issues through effective business leadership.  They think about doing something so much that they actually end up doing nothing.  All thought; no action.  The business is standing still.  It’s a lot easier to steer a car to the correct destination when it’s moving.  If you’re swimming in data but starving for usable information, you probably need to upgrade your business/production/quality management software. 

Take a look at (or for additive manufacturing) as a way to ameliorate your business with real-time production control and visibility, improved Work Order management, and quality/specification requirements enforced with individual operators on your production floor.  Adhere to the required specifications every time, while satisfying auditors.  We just heard earlier this month that an outside auditor told one of our customers that they love going into a business that is utilizing Bluestreak because it cuts their audit times from 50% to as much as 75%; all of the data and documents that they want to see are linked to each job and just a click away; so, no more digging through file cabinets of paper looking for documentation.

Let us show you how we can help your business.  Visit our website above and fill out the CONTACT page so we can get you some information and demo videos on the specific functions you want to see.  Plus, we can put you in touch with some of your peers in the industry that have already made the switch to Bluestreak, so you can hear first-hand the improvements to their businesses from making the right decision to upgrade their software.