Software Limp? Tired of work-arounds to accommodate your software shortcomings?

I hope you’re not one of those that are just limping along, because your current software is causing more problems than solutions. I have talked to so many senior executives over the years in many companies that admit that their production control software needs to be upgraded, but some of their staff are resistant to any change; so, they keep ‘bending’ their software to try to ‘fit’ their business; even though they admit there is a daily cost to operating the business with inadequate software functionality.

Why is it so hard to face the inevitable prospect of a forklift move to another platform? Day-to-day processes have become based on temporary work-arounds that quietly became permanent over the years.  It has been said that “ruts long traveled become comfortable”. When talking about the software that helps you run your business, a square peg will not fit in a round hole unless it is way too small to be effective.  It really doesn’t take that much time, resources and dollars to implement an effective MES/QMS software system.  Bad software is hurting your production efficiency, wasting time and revenue.  It’s time to stop accommodating old antiquated software and manual paper-based systems.  After all…Staying the same is moving backwards."