Creating Custom Reports

Custom reports to fit your business demands are an important step in any new implementation. Having the ability to record and capture necessary data will only make your company more successful. Your software vendor can create reports for you and maintain them when you need to make a change, typically for a cost. However, if you want to become more self-sufficient and surpass just paying for software updates and maintenance, there are options to create and manage your reports internally.

If you have personnel in your company that are willing to learn how to write and maintain reports, you can ask to have a copy of the report designer from your software provider. Knowing database and stored procedure functionality is important when learning to write reports as they are database driven. Furthermore, having this ability is a great asset to have on staff if you prefer to manage your reports in house. Additionally, this can potentially save you time and money. At Bluestreak | Bright AM, we offer a copy of our report designer free of charge to those customers who wish to become more independent and learn how to create their own reports.

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