Can’t Argue With Results!

Additive Manufacturing (AM) has been called the first manufacturing “revolution” of the 21st century and encompasses many technologies initiated by some form of generative design. However, this new frontier creates its own concerns. This 3D Printing technology is improving and expanding faster than the manufacturers can put their processes, work-flow, and quality control into place. And then there is the behind the scenes software that is managing, cataloging, validating, and flexing to accommodate processes that are fluid and changing.

And that is where the best Additive Manufacturing software shines…

· It provides full MES/QMS software for AM Production Control

· One Centralized Software System that Connects Quality Management Directly to Production Processing Steps

To meet the operational demands of this new Additive Manufacturing revolution, a production software suite must be an excellent results-oriented “fit” in this highly energized production environment.

To see a list of impressive and extensive Bright AM™ capabilities, follow this link to a list of Key Results that our customers are loving.