A monthly software release! Why would you do that?

New Bluestreak software is released monthly.  Changes consist of bug fixes and new or improved features.  While most users don’t even notice the changes, those who are waiting for them certainly do.  A monthly release means requested changes can be seen in as little as weeks versus months.   Absorbing small changes each month (that can be communicated in a company memo) can be much easier than dramatic changes quarterly that may require training.  

And remember to read the release notes.   

Release notes. Why should I read them?

Each release is described in the release notes document.  This is found by clicking the About menu and the Revision History link.  The document for each release describes bug fixes and new or improved features.  You can find updated System Settings and Data Defaults.  These can allow you to configure your system to improve or simplify the user experience.  The document will also alert you to major changes that will be coming.  These changes usually occur over several releases, which allows time for users to be trained.  

Forewarned is forearmed.