5 Rules For a Good Help Site

1. Be easy to glean – Easy-to-find information encourages people to read instead of immediately contacting customer service or leaving the site altogether.

2. Have golden organization – Organizing information by product/module and using headings and sub-headings makes a help section user-friendly.

3. Be consistent – Effective help sections are consistent in how they organize information across pages and terms.

4. Be easily searchable – The search box should be prominently displayed and generate fast and useful results.

5. Have all help resources and Customer Success contact information accessible – Help sections should have all resources in one place, when possible. If there are ‘white papers’, videos, or a corresponding FAQ section, there should be access to those additional pages at any given point in the site. This can be achieved by having standard menus that appear across all sections.

Our goal is to make the Bluestreak Help Site as simple and intuitive as possible, but we are open for feedback; questions and suggestions inevitably arise, and our customers deserve a solid help section.