Quality Hub
Key Solutions


Quality Hub provides powerful quality control tools that drive quality management outside the front office directly to the production floor.
  • Users can quickly and simply set up control plans attached to each order that define an order’s specific quality and processing requirements

  • Users can quickly collect quality data directly within Bright AM™ and view, add, or modify quality data via Q2I™ or Production Pathway™ 



Key Features

  • Quickly add quality results with Rapid Add Quality

  • Pre-loaded with commonly used quality characteristics
    and the capability to add as many as needed

  •  Corrective Actions/ Preventive Actions (CAPAs) are
    automatically connected to future orders.  View all
    orders that are connected to a CAPA and enforce the
    collecting of data from the shop floor during processing

  • Quality Managers can have confidence knowing that
    CAPA instructions are viewed and acknowledged via
    electronic signatures

  • Freeze processes to prevent changes to the processes
    when used on a work order

  • Enforce regularly scheduled equipment calibration
    checks by preventing operators from selecting
    equipment for quality tests unless a calibration check
    has been performed recently

  • Automatically report quality data on shippers, certification
    statements, or wherever your shop requires

  • Easily build control plan templates that streamline control plan
    creation. Make control plans non- editable or editable on orders,

    depending upon requirements

  • Connect electronic and paper charts to orders for every load in
    every operation

  •  View a complete revision history of a process – learn what
    changed, who made the changes, why changes were made, and
    what orders are connected to a given revision

  • Alert operators with real-time quality notifications via Global Communication Hub.

  • Issue non-conformances that automatically prevent loads from entering the next step in processing

  •  Ensure that the most current revision of your quality manual and operating policies and procedures are centrally located and easily accessible from the shop floor

  • Streamline creation of certification statements with default certification statements driven by part, process, or specification(s) referenced on the work order

  • Attach quality-related media to processes such as racking and loading instructions, instructional videos, etc

  • Create customer specific, part specific, or process specific control plans that automatically attach to appropriate orders

  • Collect quality data from a tablet, such as an iPad or Android-based devices or fixed workstation

  • Specify user-defined data collection at each operation step

What our users are saying
about Bright AM

“We needed our QA/QC procedures enforced in our production plants. Bright AM lets us set up quality control plans that can be attached to an Order that defines the necessary quality and processing requirements. We can include operating instructions, inspection and testing requirements for our Lab, and collect quality data in real-time. We now are able to generate CAPA’s and have them automatically connected to future orders.  We can also ‘freeze’ processes to prevent changes to the process, and can enforce regularly scheduled equipment calibration checks, and we can now generate formal Certification statements for specific customers.”