Purchase Orders and Inventory
Key Solutions

Simplify your ordering process and save time with an automated PO and inventory system.

  • Maintain accurate and complete records
  • Eliminate error because purchase orders provide a record of exactly what you ordered and at what price 
  • Implementing a purchase order system lets you control who is allowed to make purchases
  • Purchase orders help you keep track of what products should be coming in and check new invoices for accuracy, so you know exactly what’s happening with your incoming inventory

Key Features

  • Inventory
  • Link inventory items to a Vendor and/or Vendor Part
  • Multiple suppliers
  • Multiple inventory locations
  • Set Reorder levels
  • Create a Purchase Order for Vendor Parts, inventory items or non-inventory items
  • Create an inventory item or a Vendor Part (that may or may not be an inventory item)
  • Review inventory transactions
  • Link inventory items to Customer Parts or to specific equipment
  • Purchase Orders
  • Capture quotes from vendors
  • Generate P.O.’s for:
  • Inventory items
  • Vendor parts that are not inventory items
  • Miscellaneous items that are not Vendor parts or inventory items
  • Work Order operation to outside vendors
  • Utilizes the Bluestreak I Global Communications Hub™
  • Automatically sends out notifications via iMail, eMail or text messages, to users, contractors and vendors
  • Dozens of events are automatically tracked and can be subscribed to with real-time notifications, i.e. inventory level low, P.O. generated, inventory added, etc.

What our users are saying
about Bright AM

“Inventory Control: “Here are some of the problems we solved by implementing the Bluestreak Bright AM solution; we can now link inventory items to a specific Vendor and/or vendor part; we now more easily manage multiple suppliers and multiple inventory locations; we can set reorder levels and be notified automatically when it’s reorder time; we can create a P.O. and have it emailed right out of the system to the appropriate vendor; we can link inventory items to a specific piece of equipment or to an individual customer part; and we can quickly view all inventory transactions.  I know there are more but these are the main ones.”