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Quote to Invoice/Work Order Management (Q2I) (Included in Basic System) - Flagship/ baseline module for Work Order management and many other functions

Production Pathway - Monitor all work in progress with this dynamic shop-floor interface with real-time tracking

Customer Connector - Empower customers to self-serve

Advanced Serialization/Advanced Tracking - Manage extensive serialization functions for multiple parts, with different serial numbers, on the same Build Plate

Advanced Specifications Manager - Automatically create a fully documented audit trail and effectively support the management of all industry and Primes's specifications 

intelliPlan - Manage application industry specifications and guidelines in the part planning process for detailed auditability

Schedule - Intuitive scheduling tool to view/manage all open orders

iMaintain - A planning, scheduling, preventative maintenance (PM) tool 

iDeliver - Manages shipping and delivery with a Smartphone or tablet

Advanced Quality - Enables fundamental features within your company's Quality Control Plan characteristics - "rounding" and "converted units"

Advanced Control /Sampling Plans - Control advanced quality characteristics at the Work Order level or on individual steps within an overall Part Process

BlueDocs - Complete management and revision control of all corporate documents, including your quality management system (QMS) manual

BlueCharts - A web application designed to integrate Bright AM™ with your existing data logging system

Statistical Process Control - Spot trends before your Process is out-of-control and store all sampling plans

Purchase Orders and Inventory - Inventory and purchase order management for smarter, faster purchasing decisions with automated inventory level notifications

Customer Relationship Management - (Included in Basic System) One unified database solution that connects the sales team, senior management and shop-floor to manage customers and prospects

Global Communications Hub (Included in Basic System) Provides relevant real-time notifications via email, internal Bright Am messaging, or text messaging

Risk Analysis - To assist in the identification, assessment, and prioritization of risks, as well as to assure that uncertainty does not deter from reaching the overall business goals

iMobile - (Included in Basic System) Advanced technology communications via Apple iPad, iPhone, Android tablets/phone, Windows devices 

ITAR/EAR - User Viewing Restrictions - Manage complex requirements of company data viewing restrictions and ITAR/EAR regulations

BoL (Included in Basic System) Generate a standard “straight BoL” for a trucking firm or a less formal one for customers 

List of Modules

Real-time visibility for management personnel into what is happening on each operating step of producing an AM part


Automatic notifications can be set up to send a text message and/or email to management when a certain triggering event occurs out on the shop floor


The Customer Connector portal gives real-time processing visibility to selected customers

An internal Process Control Matrix containing hyperlinks to all references (internal and external specifications, drawings, videos, diagrams, pictures, and any other documents related to the Part build)


Share production data with other corporate systems with either 1-way or bi-directional interfaces


Quick access and a complete revision history of key corporate documents within Bluestreak

Real-time access  from any mobile device, anytime, anywhere

Better control of the build plate/platform process


Multiple Part serial numbers on one build plate ID number


Manage the ‘Order Hold’ process, scrap parts, nonconformances


Facilitate outside vendor processing for a Part, including a Vendor ‘Traveler’


Real-time changes to Part specifications requirements and the sequence of processing steps


Leverage the power of embedded processes to manage a single mini process used in hundreds of other processes


Manage user viewing restrictions (ITAR, company policy, etc.)


All recording of information is completed natively in Bluestreak (no more loose paperwork)


Freeze Processes to prevent changes to a Process when used on a Work Order


SPC to spot and address negative trends before out-of-tolerance conditions occur

Ability to tie your quality management system processes and procedures (as well as any industry specifications) directly to individual operators on the production floor 


Set up control plans, sampling plans and Part quality control characteristics (operating instructions, inspection/testing requirements, required data collection, etc.)


Qualification of equipment, personnel and vendors used in producing the AM Part


Enforce regularly scheduled equipment maintenance and calibration checks


Automatically cross-reference Part specifications to everything they impact


Provides a fully documented audit trail while managing CAPA’s, customer PPAP’s and revision history of all related documents


Collect quality data in real-time from any mobile device


Perform Risk Analysis