Advanced Serialization/Advanced Tracking/Nonconformance Dispositioning
Key Solutions

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Increase quality and maximize throughput.

  • Efficient use of resources (equipment, personnel, vendors)
  • Rapidly repeat previous Work Order part builds
  • Optimize the routing of work on the production floor
  • Flexibility to track the real-time splitting and combining of parts in the various operation steps 
  • Promptly identify, document, evaluate and manage nonconformances during the printing and afterward
  • Validate dynamic part quantities moving on to the next step in processing
  • Allows decisions to be made “on the fly” as to the type of nonconformance and what should happen next with that Part, at anytime throughout the Part-build Process
  • Function to add nonconformances to future operating steps (within the predefined Part-build Process) so final dispositioning can be managed later in the overall Process

In Additive Manufacturing, printing a myriad of Parts (each with unique serial numbers) that have been combined or batched onto the same Build plate/platform, raises some unique challenges for production control and quality management software systems.

The various Parts can be on the same customer Work Order or there can be multiple customers and their own Work Orders 3D-printed at the same time on the same Build plate to achieve maximum printer usage, equipment utilization efficiencies and reduced delivery times.

Bluestreak | Bright AM™ has the Solution!

Key Functions

  • Allow multiple user-defined serial number formats/templates
  • Can specify certain characters to exclude (i.e. o, l, I, x, etc.)
  • Guaranteed unique serial numbers
  • Templates are assignable for every customer Part
  • Complete, auditable historical production data, that increases quality and maximizes throughput
  • Platform centric Build Plate ID’s (with the appropriate Process management steps)
  • Generate a unique serial number for the Build Plate-Order reference
  • The actual plate could be tracked as equipment (typical) or as an inventory item
  • Two tracking/configuration possibilities:
    • All parts on the Build Plate following the same process/route
      • Not necessary to have a SN on the Build Plate, but can still assign one
    • Parts/Coupons/Test Bars that take separate routes after removal from the Build Plate
  • The “Build ID” connects all of the related Work Orders
  • Potentially one WO for each part on the Build Plate
    • The “Build” Work Order tracks the actual build process
    • When the various parts/coupons/test bars are removed from the Build Plate, they “travel” and are tracked on their individual WO’s

With Bright AM™, you now have the ability to define and generate new work order “packages” to rapidly repeat previous Work Order part builds and detailed, serial number tracking of all Parts throughout the build (and post processing) activities, from the beginning of AM production all the way through to shipping.

Bright AM™ allows for dynamic, ever-changing real-time tracking of the actual ‘reality’ of processing steps that occur on the shop floor:

  • Sequential, optional or out-of-sequence
  • Multiple possible processing routes (for Parts on the same Build Plate and/or Work Order)

Manages outside post-processing vendors (via a Vendor Traveler) and transactions within the overall Part build process, while tracking machine time and labor time.  Has built-in management of potentially many Nonconformances during the printing, testing and post processing.  We realize in R&D, NC’s are the norm and not the exception.

Advanced Dispositioning of Nonconformances, means that serial numbers are tracked on each NC, with dispositioning at the NC level or individual Parts can be dispositioned separately.  Handles rework orders; multiple NC’s for the same Serial Number, for different causes; and deferred dispositions, such as deferred to a later operation or deferred to one or more later operating steps (even on other Work Orders).

Fill out the Contact Me page on our website for more information and to schedule a demo of Bright AM™, the preferred MES/QMS software system for some of the largest additive manufacturing production facilities in the world.